best Android Tv box of 2017 (buyer’s guide ) (Dec. 2017)

An Android TV box is a small set-top box that runs on the Android operating system. It lets you stream content to your TV. Many of these TV boxes come with wireless keyboard and a voice search feature to make it easy for you to find your favorite TV shows and movies. You can easily stream 4K UHD videos using some of these boxes. All of them have the capability to stream HD videos. best android tv box

Android TV isn’t just a novel entertainment device. In a broader sense, it’s an ambitious scheme to put content of all types from anywhere onto your TV. An update of the earlier Google TV system, the budding platform is designed to better integrate Android-based content and apps across more than just phones.  best android tv box

Less open but more developed streaming media players like the Apple TV, NVidia Shield, and Amazon Fire TV we review in this guide are quite polished and easy to use, but these are generally limited in their features. conventional Android devices do run a wider selection of apps and content for they can access the regular app stores of Google and Amazon, and we cover a couple of these more generic boxes. best android tv box

Google’s designers think of the new platform as recharging their effort to bring to TVs and consoles the same content streaming features that conventional Android mobiles already have. That’s why Android TV has been showing up in different smart TV as well as set-top versions over the last year or two.  Although Google has stopped selling its  Nexus Player, the company is still working to expand its presence beyond mobile ecosystems and recast its brand at the center of everyone’s living rooms, and collaborated with Xiaomi to launch their new Mi Box.

The Android TV platform has been accepted in tech circles but has not yet captured the attention of most consumers. More conventional Android devices run a wider selection of apps and content, as they can access the regular app stores of Google and Amazon, and we cover a couple of these more generic media boxes.

In many ways, this specialized TV-oriented platform is competing directly with other pervasive computing schemes from Google, such as its Google Cast wireless streaming adapters, as well as boxes running (mostly) plain-vanilla Android OS. The models we reviewed here have met the majority of our criteria for a good Android TV or a similar regular Android OS entertainment experience, which we list as follows.

 1. Strongest Media Player Android 6.0 Marshmallow TV Box

best android tv box


This TV box from Kukele is one of the strongest TV boxes that you can find in the market these days. It has 3GB of RAM which is better than most other products on the market. The Octa Core processor gives you a lag-free experience when watching HD TV. You will get an instruction manual and a wireless keyboard with this product, which makes operating it extremely easy.

It is powered by Android Marshmallow 6.0. This is one of the latest versions of Android which brings many new features, specifically added to the new version for those running Android on TV. You will find many new apps optimized for large screens in the Play Store. The good news is that you can download just about any apps from Google Play Store using this device. Once you have downloaded an app, it will run on your TV just the way you run apps on any Android device.

It is also easy to setup. You will connect it to your TV using the HMDI cable. Once connected, it will give you the Android OS experience on your TV screen. From there, you can stream movies, watch your favorite shows, or simply stream videos from YouTube and other online streaming websites. You can also watch HD premium channels such as HBO, ESPN, and so on.

The Kukele has a built-in upgrade feature. This feature makes your life easy as you don’t have to manually update the Android software. It automatically upgrades whenever Google releases a new update for its operating system.

This gadget may seem small in size but that is a good thing for people who don’t want to use too much space around the TV and it also has a huge potential. You can watch 3D HD videos using this device. You can stream 1080p content directly to your TV. Watching 4K videos will seem like more fun than ever.

When you buy the Kukele, you don’t have to worry about the hardware quality. The devices comes with a  comprehensive warranty and great customer support. If the device doesn’t work for you for some reason or you can’t set it up properly, simply connect with the customer support for technical assistance.


  • Nice design
  • Plays 1080p HD, 3D, and 4K UHD video
  • Powerful Octa-Core processor
  • Cutting edge performance
  • Easy to setup
  • Stream from the Internet
  • Install Hulu, YouTube, Netflix and other similar apps
  • Excellent customer support
  • Automatic software updates

 2. EVANPO T95Z PLUS Smart TV Box Android 6.0 Marshmallow

best android tv box

The EVANPO Smart TV Box runs on the latest Android version. It’s powered by the Amlogic S912 Octa-Core processor that ensures no lag even when you keep the device on for hours. It delivers one of the best performances on the market.

This set-top Android TV box plays 4k videos at 60fps. It means you will get unbelievable video results. The video processing is fast with the H.265 decoder. The High-definition 4k image and clear audio will make the TV fun again.

This device has a built-in Bluetooth and WiFi 2.4G. It can communicate with your WiFi devices and make life easier for you as you will be able to connect Bluetooth devices to it. For example, you can connect a Bluetooth keyboard to use the search function from the couch that you don’t want to leave while watching TV. Similarly, you can pair other accessories with it and enrich your TV viewing experience. best android tv box

You can stream movies and TV shows online using this device. Your options are unlimited as this box supports many popular streaming services such as Hulu, YouTube, and so on. However, this is not your only option as you can use this box to play local media. The box comes with a large storage capacity so you can easily store your favorite shows and movies locally on the device. Remember, this box comes with a wireless keyboard remote so you don’t have to buy an additional one. You can use this keyboard with anything that lets you connect a wireless keyboard to it, including computers, Smart TVs, XBOX, and so on. best android tv box

The device comes with built-in decoders for all the latest audio and video files. As a result, you can play just about any format using it.


  • Powered by Amogloc S912 Octa Core processor
  • High-quality video and crisp sound
  • Plays 4K videos at 60fps
  • Uses H.265 decoder for exceptional video quality
  • Powerful GPU renders excellent results
  • Comes with Dual WIFI 2.4G and 5G Bluetooth for easy connectivity
  • 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM
  • Supports all popular streaming services
  • Comes with a wireless keyboard


 3. Amazon Fire TV | Streaming Media Player best android tv box

The Amazon Fire is running a modified Android version and is one of the best Android TV Boxes with HD support. The picture quality is true-to-life as you can watch 1080p HD videos using this device. It supports Amazon Video, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and other popular streaming services.

This TV streaming media player comes with over 15,000 apps and many games. Once you buy the Amazon Fire, you will have access to over 300,000 movies and episodes. It’s so much content that you’d never run out of new TV shows and episodes.

The Amazon Fire Streaming Media Player comes with an Alexa Voice Remote. Your life will change with this remote as you will be able to use voice commands to control your TV box. Just say whatever you want to play and it will listen to you.

With it, you don’t need a cable or satellite TV. You can watch all your favorite live channels and buy an additional Direct Now subscription for more channels. If you like watching CBS Primetime shows, then consider buying CBS All Access subscription.

When it comes to watching TV with the Amazon Fire, you have the option to find your favorite channel or show using the built-in search feature. You have over 140 channels in this box so you will find the search feature really useful.

The new Amazon Fire TV Streaming Media Player has a huge processing power. It does it better than most other devices in the market and beats its predecessor by a huge margin. It has a dedicated graphics engine, and it comes with 2GB of memory and 8GB of storage so that you can save your favorite songs and videos in the local storage. If you need to store more content locally, you can easily upgrade your storage. This device allows you to attach up to 200GB extended memory.

If you have a Prime subscription, you can enjoy unlimited access to Prime Video. This feature gives you access to thousands of TV shows and movies. Members also get HBO, Showtime, and many other premium quality channels. You don’t have to pay anything else for videos and channels. best android tv box

This Android TV box has a very nice user interface. When you turn it on, you find your favorite videos on the home screen. From here, you can go to any of these videos or simply browse for other options. You can use the search feature to quickly locate your favorite videos.


  • Supports 4K UHD image quality
  • Works with Amazon Prime and other paid subscription streaming services
  • Supports streaming services such as YouTube
  • Download apps and games
  • Use Alexa Voice Remote to control your device using audio commands
  • Extremely powerful processor ensures great performance
  • 2GB RAM and 8GB storage

 4. SkyStream ONE Streaming Media Player

The SkyStream One Streaming Media Player has a vast library of streaming applications. With complete access to Google Play and various customization options, the SkyStream One is one of the best Android TV boxes of the year.

This TV Media Player lets you watch your favorite shows without subscribing to cable or satellite. You can watch content from a variety of channels on it. Additionally, you can download hundreds of apps using the Google Play Store. I just love the overall quality of the device besides the strong streaming capabilities.

A good thing about the SkyStream is that it will connect to your TV using an HDMI port. Once you connect, setting up the device is easy. After you set up, you can stream unlimited content without any hassle.

When you connect your SkyStream One with your TV, you get access to unlimited content from ABC, CBS, PBS, Sling TV, NBC News, and many other channels. Apart from watching TV shows and movies, you can also play games using this device. Although some of these services might have paid subscriptions. best android tv box

You can watch 4K UHD videos with this tv box. It plays 4K UHD videos and gives you the best TV experience. You will love the true-to-life picture quality on this amazing streaming powerhouse. Services such as Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube are available along with many other online streaming services.

SkyStream is very easy to install. It comes with a complete instruction manual that’s easy to understand. You won’t even need this manual to install the TV box as you only need to click a few times here and there to start streaming with it. You will love the picture and color quality. You will never have buffering problems so it’s worth every penny. Definitely one of my favorite Android TV Boxes in the market. 🙂


  • Stream 4K UHD and 1080p HD videos on your TV from the internet
  • Easy to connect to TV using the HDMI port
  • Watch your favorite shows and movies without satellite or cable TV
  • Download apps and games from Google Play
  • Easy to setup
  • Works with all popular streaming apps such as YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix

5. Rveal Media TV Tuner & Air Mouse Remote [Android, 4K, Quad-Core]

The Rveal Media TV Tuner delivers unlimited entertainment for your TV. You won’t have to pay for cable or satellite anymore as it streams content from the internet. You will have instant access to all your favorite TV channels with this device. You can watch live sports, latest shows, news, and movies with this TV box.

The Rveal Media TV Box is a smart streaming device that lets you stream on any device. Once you have connected this Android box with your TV, you will have a world of online entertainment at your disposal. You can stream YouTube videos, watch your favorite shows on Hulu, or simply enjoy live sports on ESPN. There is a channel for everyone inside the Android world. best android tv box

This device is easy to setup. When you buy it, connect it to your TV using the HDMI port. Once it’s connected, just power it on. Since it is plug and play, you don’t have to install anything additional. It will take only 2-3 minutes to start streaming videos with the Rveal. You obviously need to connect it to the internet to enjoy online streaming.

The Rveal Media box is powered by one of the latest versions of Android. This means you can easily install your favorite apps from the Play Store. With thousands of apps, you can enjoy vast content and stay connected to the latest series.

It is using a quad-core processor which is great in terms of processing power. Even when you are streaming a high-quality video, you won’t have to worry about your device having any sort of lag. You will never have to worry about buffering problems again. It can automatically update its software when you connect it to the internet. You don’t even have to push a button.

The company manufacturing this antenna has its representatives in the US. They have dedicated customer service for US buyers. They provide a warranty for this product to build customer confidence.


  • Watch premier channels such as HBO, ESPN, ABC without cable or satellite TV
  • Plug and Play
  • Excellent performance
  • 24/7 US-based customer support
  • Comes with a warranty

6.  TX3 PRO Android 6.0 Marshmallow 4K HD WiFi Tv Box

The TX3 PRO TV Box is powered by a Quad-Core Cortex A53.2 processor. This high-performance hardware ensures that you enjoy online streaming without any performance glitches and lags.

When you stream using this device, you will enjoy one of the best true-to-life experiences. The Mali 450 GPU renders video with brilliant colors and detail. When you play HD or 4k UHD video, you will not see lag or stutter for the most part. The video plays smoothly and the audio is always crystal clear.

The device comes with an 8GB memory that gives you plenty of space to store your favorite movies and TV shows locally. The device supports an external hard drive connection using a USB so you can easily increase storage if you feel the need.

It comes with WiFi so you can easily connect it to the internet without tangling wires. Once it’s connected, you can stream movies, TV shows, and everything else that you can find on the internet. It’s easy to install streaming services such as YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix on this device. You can also stream directly from your favorite services and enjoy free videos on your TV. And you can also play games on this device. To download games, visit the Google Play Store. It comes pre-installed on your Android Box.

When you buy this product, you get everything you need to stream high-quality videos to your TV. It comes with an IR remote and an HDMI cable. You can buy a USB keyboard and even connect a wireless mouse with this device for easy operation.


  • Powered by Amlogic S905X Quad Core processor
  • Runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM
  • Comes with built-in WIFI
  • Download games and apps from Play Store
  • Remote and HDMI cable are included in the package

7. MINIX NEO U1 Latest Ultra 4K HD Android 64-Bit TV Box Streaming Media Player

The Minix NEO Android TV Streaming Player comes with a wireless mouse remote control to make your life easier when it comes to watching TV using an Android box. This device is powered by the Amlogic Quad-Core 64 bit processor so you won’t have any performance issues. 2GB RAM keeps the system running smoothly even when you are using a resource-hungry app or watching a 4K video using this device.

This Minix comes with 16GB of flash storage. You can store your favorite movies and TV shows on this eMMC memory so you can watch it later even when you don’t have great internet access.

The device supports 4K and 2K UHD video playback. It plays these videos at 60fps. It has an HDMI 2.0 port that ensures you get the best possible picture quality along with flawless audio. The penta-core Mali GPU renders video like you have never seen it.  best android tv box

The device runs Android Lollypop 5.1 and it comes with Dual-Band Wi-Fi for super fast transmissions. This ensures that you will always stay connected to high-speed internet. This high-quality hardware allows you to stream videos from the internet without having to wait for it to buffer. You won’t see any lag either.


  • Stream HD movies and TV shows from the internet
  • Stream your favorite shows from streaming apps such as Hulu and YouTube
  • 1GB RAM and 8GB storage
  • Surf the internet, chat with your friends, or simply play games when not in mood to stream TV
  • Supports wireless keyboard and mouse for easy communication with the device
  • Supports multiple languages

8. Roku Premiere

The Roku Premiere is a perfect TV box to streamnig HD videos from the internet. It is powered by a quad-core processor. This fast processor ensures great performance and exceptional video quality. The device supports 4K ultra HD and HD videos with a resolution up to 1080p. Once you connect it to your TV, you won’t think of going back to cable or satellite TV ever again.

The Roku gives you access to over 450,000 TV shows and movies. You will have a huge list of free channels to stream but if you want to enjoy premium paid content, you will have the option to stream subscription-based channels as well using this device. Some of the most famous channels and streaming services that work seamlessly on this device are Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, HBO, PBS, ESPN, and so on.

When you will use it, you will always find a free or cheap channel to watch your favorite episodes. You can use the search feature that works flawlessly. Just enter the name of your favorite show and start searching. Roku will show you where you can watch the show and whether it’s free or paid. best android tv box

One of the best things about Roku is that it gives you an app for your mobile phone. You can use the Roku app to make voice searches. You can also share photos using this app.


  • Stream 4K UHD and HD videos and TV channels
  • Free Roku mobile app for voice search
  • Supports all top streaming services such as Hulu, YouTube, and Netflix
  • Excellent picture quality makes it fun to watch your favorite TV shows

9. NVIDIA SHIELD TV Streaming Media Player


The Nvidia Shield TV Streaming Media Player delivers an unparalleled streaming experience on TV. It supports 4K HDR video so you can expect awesome quality when using this TV box.

With the Nvidia Shield, you have the option to stream content from over a dozen sources. For example, you can stream from Amazon Video and use your Prime subscription to access unlimited HD content. Similarly, you can use this device to stream Showtime and HBO. If you enjoy watching movies on Netflix or YouTube, you can easily stream from these services. This device is compatible with Kodi, Vue, and PlayStation. You can also stream music using Shield from famous streaming websites such as Spotify and Pandora. best android tv box

Although this TV box does pretty much what other top quality devices do, it does have an advantage over its competitors. It’s the way this device lets you enjoy games. Nvidia is known for its hardware that has been powering GPUs for decades now. This device includes all that power to help you play the latest games on your TV. The remotes that come with this device are very impressive. You can play exclusive Shield games with it.

This box also comes with a voice feature. It allows you to use your voice to control the box. Instead of using buttons to do things, you can simply ‘say’ them. The Shield uses Google’s Voice Search to deliver results in seconds. So next time you want to watch a video on your TV, simply ask your Nvidia Shield to play it for you.  best android tv box

Not just TV shows, movies, and games, but the Shield also brings a huge world of Android apps to your lounge. You can download apps from Play Store that comes pre-installed on the device. You will find hundreds of apps in Play Store that are compatible with this device. best android tv box

When you buy this Nvidia branded streaming player, you also get a remote with it. A redesigned Shield controller also comes with the device. The controller is voice-enabled.


  • Stream HD TV shows and movies from the internet directly to your TV
  • Supports popular streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and so on
  • Comes with Google Voice to help you control your TV with voice commands
  • Exclusive Shield games
  • Works great with Amazon Prime for 4K HDR videos
  • Comes with a remote and a Shield Controller

10. Model GooBang Doo Abox Android TV Box

The Abox Android TV Box by GooBang Goo runs Android 6.0 (stable) and turns your TV into an Android device. You can stream movies and watch the latest TV shows using Android apps such as Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube. It supports Kodi so you can easily stream TV channels from the internet in HD quality.

It has a powerful Amlogic S905 processor that delivers smooth performance whether you are using the device to play games or stream a live football game. It doesn’t heat up like other similar devices so you don’t have to worry about it even when you stream shows all the time.

The GooBang Doo Abox TV box comes with 17+1 type HDMI cable. This cable easily outperforms the older 15+1 cable. It supports true 4K playing at 60Hz. You can expect an amazing and true-to-life picture with this new HDMI and the Abox TV box.

This device runs Android Marshmallow. It means you can easily download apps and games from Google Play and enjoy them on the bigger screen. You can play unlimited games and install useful apps in no time.

Compared to other devices using the Amlogic S905, this device runs much faster and smoother. It has native support for HDR10 and HLG HRD processing. The company has also installed a Samsung EMMC memory to give you a performance edge over other devices running this type of processor.


  • Powered by Amlogic S905 processor and Samsung EMMC RAM
  • Compatible with wireless keyboards
  • Runs Kodi without any complaints
  • Supports 4K true playing at 60fps
  • Supports HDR10 and HLG HRD
  • 17+1 HDMI cable


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