Cyber Acoustics CA 3602 Review

Cyber Acoustics CA 3602 Review

These speakers are modest yet just on cost. The 30-watt Cyber Acoustics CA-3602 2.1 Channel speaker produces stunning sound, looks trendy and is madly moderate. You should purchase the CA-3602 if gaming is everything you do with periodic music and motion pictures however nothing that requests exactness.


A 2.1 speaker framework with a MP3 support, the Cyber Acoustics Subwoofer framework offers a better than average rate of profitability. Truly, there are less expensive other options to this PC speaker set however none that approach its general execution. Housed inside a wood bureau, this speaker produces blasting and thundering bass exhibitions like none other in its value extend. Try not to get discouraged by the 50Hz to 20kHz recurrence or its one-year guarantee. It is a strong speaker with a convenient control pod. The earphone yield jack enables you to sidestep the speakers inside and out (when you would prefer not to irritate your neighbors), AUX contribution to divert sound from your gaming framework, tablet or telephone and an ace control with volume and bass.

The satellite speakers utilize 2-inch drivers with attractive protecting for stereo partition and sound clearness. Concerning the subwoofer, it utilizes a 5.25 inch Power Pro bass driver that together with the wood bureau guarantees a deafening bass execution. Reasonable but then so able, this Cyber Acoustics speaker conveys 62 crest control watts and 30 RMS watts, adequate for filling most normal room sizes.

Cyber Acoustics CA 3602 Review


For speakers that cost under $40, you truly can’t keep exclusive requirements. The brand, setup, and additional items don’t make a difference. Digital Acoustics isn’t a brand name that you would search for solely on the off chance that you needed a gaming speaker but then here we are. At such a little sticker price, all you require is fair solid quality and the capacity to fill a sensibly estimated room. The CA 3602 does only that while giving you the choice to play from an assistant source, for example, a telephone, tablet or another gaming gadget.

When we were settling on the best gaming speakers, we found the Cyber Acoustics CA 3602 was popular with spending gamers, and that is truly the motivation behind why we chose to get one. This isn’t THX affirmed, clearly. It isn’t accurately designed for diversions neither does it gloat of a noteworthy recurrence reaction. What it does well, be that as it may, is deliver a deafening execution at sensible settings.

What do we mean by sensible settings? Initially, the room ought not be substantial on the off chance that you need the speakers to fill each corner. It unquestionably won’t awe you outside. Second, you need to change sound profiles on your PC to get the correct yield. In the event that you don’t have an equalizer, at that point this speaker won’t not play out all that well for you. Third lastly, never surpass 75% of aggregate yield. In spite of the fact that in our tests, it performed well past 75% volume, anything substantial on the bass or best will sloppy the sound profile.

On the off chance that you think your use falls inside these sensible settings then the Cyber Acoustics CA 3602 speaker is ideal for you. Keep in mind, there are better alternatives out there on the off chance that you can spend more than $40. Cyber Acoustics CA 3602 Review

Playing Battlefield One, we saw that the speakers figured out how to spatially isolate moving toward strides. In spite of the fact that the partition just gives you a sign of the general bearing, it isn’t particular until the point that they come nearer. On less aurally immersive recreations however the speaker performs well.

Music is unquestionably something we need our speakers to be capable at. All things considered, a great deal of diversions have foundation scores that add to the experience. Tuning in to substantial bass tracks is somewhat frustrating yet not a remark about. Indeed, highs move off a bit, and at high volumes, frequencies jumble up a bit. Notwithstanding, contrasted with the Klipsch 2.1 THX speakers, the distinction in music quality is close to 25%.

What really shocked us was the expansion of the control case. The controls on this speaker are altogether focused on the pod including the Volume and Bass handles. Logitech has a comparative control pod for some of its speakers, yet most don’t give you Bass controls. Digital Acoustics even incorporates an AUX and Headphone Line. The link is sufficiently long to sit near your console and mouse setup so you can connect to your most loved combine of earphones when you need to get nearer to the war zone. On the other hand, the AUX gives you a chance to associate with your cell phone or tablet. It will even work with a gaming console. Cyber Acoustics CA 3602 Review

The satellite speakers are top overwhelming with a little base. The outline does not motivate certainty as it topples effortlessly. Be watchful when cleaning around the speakers. They utilized plastic for the satellite pieces, and it isn’t top review so a couple of falls may very well break them. We know these speakers are economical at the same time, Cyber Acoustics truly could do with a plan upgrade, in any event make the base bigger for greater solidness.


  • The speakers are clear and crisp at reasonable settings.
  • Control pod has a headphone out, AUX port, on/off switch and volume/bass knobs.
  • The subwoofer is wood with 25-inch drivers.
  • Satellite speaker separation is not bad with suitably long wires.
  • Inexpensive and yet highly capable speakers. Cyber Acoustics CA 3602 Review


  • The design of the satellite speakers does not inspire confidence. They easily topple over with a slight nudge.


Gaming speakers don’t precisely give you anything additional other than a couple of gaming particular choices or settings. The Cyber Acoustics CA-3602 is a not too bad speaker in its own right. It holds up well when gaming and bends over as a fantastic universally handy speaker, all inside a little spending plan. In the event that you need a down to business swap for your maturing speaker or are low on reserves, this speaker will keep you fulfilled until the point that you are prepared to make the bounce to higher models.

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